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bukandotcom is always related to information technology as a whole, due to the growth of information-media technology currently is heading towards computer technology, as it enables integration of information’s components such as text, graphics, audio, video, and animation to be combined into an information media.

One focus of bukandotcom in providing the services is developing product using different criteria from information’s components to be combined into a package, widely known as multimedia. With the help of digital computer technology nowadays, features in multimedia can be more attractive as well as informative by adding interactive functions, meaning that the different criteria of information components packed inside the media would be connected or linked to enable user to control and trace the information needed.

As a result of the continuous effort and various projects related in technology, bukandotcom is also able to cope with the demanding market in the information technology area. With the facts that information has become a very valuable asset, bukandotcom also tries to provide solutions for those in needs of information-related issues such as software development, computer hardware services and supplies,  network application and various internet-related application. Moreover, due to demand of areas outside the mentioned, bukandotcom is ready to provide any kinds of assistance for any companies. In the recent years, for example, the highly demanded business called e-Commerce has even become one of the most popular projects offered.

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