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Started in 1997 as value-added services for any computer-related assignments for the parent’s client companies, in early 2000, it became an independent multimedia marketing division of FA. PFC Consulting. Christened as bukandotcom, it continued providing the past services with a much wider market and a more defined focus named ‘information-media technology and its support system as a whole’. Since then, bukandotcom has been providing quality services in information-media technology, assuring customers’ satisfaction, helping with applications and developing the best information media to satisfy needs of most companies’ management and promotions.

In 2012, acquired by PT. Floindo Jasatama, a South East Asian representative of PFC International Group based in California, bukandotcom is projected to be supporting the company with all the computer-related businesses both internally as well as externally. bukandotcom is always ready to assist you in the multimedia environment by way of identifying modern multimedia forms of communication, smoothly integrating them within a digital environment, and providing access to the stored information using computer systems which are fast, friendly and, above all, interactive. bukandotcom has always been there for various companies and organizations or even professionals to be able to explore their information for certain intentions, and will continue to do so.

bukandotcom starts with careful, strategic planning and analysis before assisting you designing, developing, implementing and maintaining the information-media. Clients are informed about the options in the latest technology, enabling to reap all the benefits and still have control of the speed. bukandotcom is growing together with the growth of those many new information-media and loyally stays with its vision, to participate in publishing digital technology for welcoming the era of computerization; it is indeed the technology that makes possible for producing many varieties of information-media.

What differentiates bukandotcom is the approach, no matter what your needs are, bukandotcom will always be there to offer solutions to assure the success in reaching your target audience by developing and formulating successful multimedia applications with the presence of information-media technology.

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