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Contingent Certified Partner

Upon completion of a series of projects for Contingent, bukandotcom is currently a proud certified partner of the group. Appointed to assist Virtela Communication, the task force were able to complete what was required to accomplish, despite various obstacles in conducting the job. Among the sites are:

WO# 181188 PT. Shaklee Indonesia
Jakarta 11410

WO# 196348 PT. DIC Astra Chemicals
Jakarta 13930

WO# 196350 PT. DIC Astra Chemicals
Jakarta 13012

WO# 196350 PT. Pardic Jaya Chemicals
Tangerang 15138

WO# 197044 PT. Katsushiro Indonesia
Cikarang, Bekasi 17530


Participation in IDappsacademy Programme

Incubation Programme IDappsacademy.com Class 2012

  • 27 Mei 2012 :
    • IDC Bandung/Cimahi, Jabar : Incubation Programme Explanation
  • 1 Juli 2012 :
    • IDC 3D, Jakarta : Incubation Programme Explanation
  • 15 Juli 2012 (Enrolment) :
    • IDC Bandung/Cimahi, West Java : Incubation Programme Class of 2012 Opens

If Google were invented in the 80′s


ASEAN Project Completed

One of the network project is completed today. bukandotcom has finished the Component I (Assembling, Installation and Configuration) as part of the Procurement Contract / Installation of Equipment at ASEAN Secretariat (Indonesia) Project, appointed by a reputable Portuguese IT Company CTEL (http://www.ctel.pt)

The Provisional Acceptance Certificate was signed last week and is currently under review by the EU Delegation, before we move to the Second Component namely Maintenance (After Sales Service) which will run for the next 24 months.




Live Helpdesk

To improve services to the customers, bukandotcom has recently installed a Yahoo! Pingbox for the replacement of Crafty Syntax Live Help, which is now currently up and running and hopefully will be stabilized for interactive customer support. The support provided is projected to be able to be online on a 24/7 basis. However, the absence of live personnel may be replaced by quick notes available in the program, so that urgent messages can be sent and reach the team immediately and will be responded in less than 12 hours since the receiving time.

Although the primary target of users are the current customers, we are open for potential customers and prospects, and to the public for general questions regarding our services and products. We are also planning to synchronize the service with the parent company, floindo.com, international principal, and www.p-f.us , sister companies, bukan.net and bukan.biz and the affiliated companies’ sites.



12 years bukan.com

In preparing to its 12th birthday years, bukan.com launches a new, simple, thematic look. Until the actual date of 29 March 2012, please provide inputs by leaving a comment or comments on what changes should be made to make this new facelift better for us.